Black and White Film

I woke up at sunrise to get this picture of the Salton Sea. I love shooting 120 black and white film. The Salton Sea is an amazing place everyone should visit.

Title: B&W Salton Sea
Location:Salton Sea, California
Camera:Mamiya RB67
Lens:110 mm f/2.8

I took a hike on a rainy day with my Mamiya in hand. Half way through the hike I spotted this fallen tree it looked beautiful. I sat down in the mud and took this picture.

Title: Fallen tree roots
Location:Sunol, California
Camera:Mamiya RB67
Lens:50 mm f/4.5

I spend a lot of time at the beach with my camera in hand.

Title: Black rocks
Location:San Francisco, California
Camera:Mamiya RB67
Lens:110 mm f/2.8

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