Artist interview featuring Danielle of SailorsRavineStudio

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I would like to introduce you all to Danielle the owner of SailorsRavineStudio. She is a Northern California photographer who is inspired by the books she read’s and the beauty of the California foothills she calls home. I love her rustic style of photography, let’s get to know more about her creative process.

SammyPhoto: Walk us through the step-by-step process you use to create your art.
Danielle: I try to take my camera with me if I’m doing anything besides the everyday routines. I am currently using a Cannon Digital SLR but I will and do use anything I can get my hands on. I upload all my photos to an external Hard Disk and use primarily Photoshop. I love working on my images and sometimes will work on them for months before I feel they are finished. I print my own photos up to a certain size which I love doing I think it really completes my vision when I am able to hold the product and see what is going to my customer. Larger prints I use the services of a local printer who lets me breath down his neck looking over his shoulder as he works on printing my image.

SammyPhoto: How did you get started with etsy?
Danielle: I started in 2008 and my photos were hardly seen. I also had a few vintage items, mini books, some jewelry. I didn’t spend much time on my shop then as I had my 3 teens still at home and I didn’t even know about the forums!
My favorite part of Etsy is the platform they offer at a reasonable cost, I think, for me to have a shop and sell my items and be part of a larger group. I also love the teams. They have really been a big help to me in many ways. My least favorite part is trying to be seen as the number of Etsy shops grow and now competing with shops that have a staff and can produce large amounts of products.

SammyPhoto: Could you give us some helpful tips?
Danielle: Read the forums. It’s the best for keeping up with the latest news and someone usually will always know the answer to your questions.
Join some teams. They are great for promotion and you will also make friends.
Put a link back to your shop section in your item description. It will help your customer find more similar items and will keep them in your shop a little longer.

SammyPhoto: How did you get into photography?
Danielle: My parents had old family photographs and they were important to them and I guess it was here that I learned a respect for photography. Since I was about 10 I would get their cameras as they updated theirs. I have always taken pictures it was something my parents encouraged for enjoyment, but not as a profession. My first camera was some sort of Instamatic.

SammyPhoto: Who inspires you?
Danielle : Ansel Adams comes to mind first, but there are so many nameless photographers I admire from the first photographers in the West carrying their equipment from the mountains to the desert. Gritty photography from the streets of New York in the 40’s up to some of the current surreal images produced mostly with the aid of computers.

SammyPhoto: Where do you call home?
Danielle : Home is out in the country, a rural area in the Sierra foothills between Sacramento and Tahoe.

SammyPhoto: Could you share some of your hobbies with us.
Danielle : I also make journals and mini books. It helps fulfill my yearning for tactile projects after working with equipment so much.

SammyPhoto: Art school or self taught?
Danielle : I am self taught, my degree in college allowed for only one elective during my 4 years and that was photography.

SammyPhoto: Thank you so much Danielle for doing this interview! I would like to invite everyone to check out SailorsRavineStudio on Etsy HERE and follow her on social media her here…. Facebook

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